You may wish to also read Part 1.

These questions were suggested by Amy (and Cassie) of Amy and Aaron’s Real Life Reviews by Amy and Aaron


Hey Karrit, what makes you brave enough to enjoy wonderlanding?

I don’t know that I’m really that brave. Most of my wonderlanding is done when I read. It’s pretty safe to read. And when I write, things feel even more real than when I read. When I read, it’s like I’m there. When I write, it’s like I’m totally there, and I’m actually building a world. It’s a great feeling, but if I stop, I’m home and I’m safe. When I travel while I’m wonderlanding, it is scary. I was afraid to go visit Suzy even though I thought things out first with my mother and father. I had a special button that I could have pressed that would have taken me home as fast as a lighting bolt can go from the sky to the ground, but it was scary.

I guess I just like adventures, and I really like to help my friends.  Suzy wasn’t really a friend of mine yet when I went wonderlanding to see her, but it felt like she could be my best friend because I live her under her bed and I felt like I knew her. Suzy was lonely. I think that being lonely is one of the worst things in life, and I wanted her to be happy.

Did you ever see the movie, E.T.? I love the way that the little boy makes friends with E.T.

And, I remembered reading the book, The Neverending StoryIn it a boy makes friends with a luck dragon, and it does it because the luck dragon, Falkor, did him a favor first. My dad always tells me, Karrit, to make a friend ask a favor, or better yet do a favor.  It’s too long to print out the book here, but here’s a clip from the movie. See how the luck dragon, Falkor, has done a favor for Atreyu. That’s the kind of favor that I wanted to do for Suzy.  (If you have Amazon Prime, you can see it for free.)

And I guess I really like adventure. After they become best friends, Falkor takes Atreyu (A-TREY-U) on a wonderful ride. I haven’t had a chance to take Suzy on an adventure yet, but I’d like to soon. Take a peek at Atreyu riding on Falkor’s back.

How do you stop from worrying about things when you’re separated from your folks for more than just a little while?

Boy, that’s a hard question. I used to get nervous if I my mom and dad went out and I had a baby sitter, and then one day I was taking a bath with my mom, and she was washing my hair, and I was squeezing my eyes shut real hard, so hard that the shampoo snuck into my eyes and my eyes hurt. (My eyes are a lot bigger thtan human eyes so when they hurt, they really hurt.).

Then my dad walked in and said, “Karrit, don’t squeeze your eyes shut so hard–it makes it easy for the soap to get in. Just shut them and let the soap flow over them.” It worked, and since then I realized that a lot of the time I had been doing the same thing in other parts of my life. When Mom and Dad used to go away, I’d squeeze my mind shut so hard it made it easy for pain to sneak in.

Now, when my folks go away I just think of the pain flowing down and over me, and it doesn’t hurt. It’s funny how something my dad told me about keeping soap out my eyes helps me in so many other ways.

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Karrit is a loveable monster whose imaginatory was strong enough to motivate Alan H. Jordan to write The Monster on Top of the Bed.

I’m the guy who’s on top of the bed, Suzy’s the little girl that jumps up and down on the bed and scares me

This is a part one of a character interview with Karrit, the loveable monster who befriends Suzy in the books The Monster on Top of the Bed and My Monster on Top of the Bed.  There’s much more to come, so bookmark (favorite) this page (press <Ctrl+D>) and return to learn more.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Karrit – in the place where I live it means, “Teller of Truth,” and “Loyal Friend.” Sort of. There’s no exact translation, just like there’s no exact translation in English for many Spanish, Yiddish and Russian words. In my language, a loyal friend is someone who almost always tells the truth to his friends, even if it hurts their feelings, that way they know that that they can trust him. But a loyal friend is more than that. A loyal friend is someone who helps his friends, even if they don’t know that they need help. I help my friends all the time, sometimes they don’t know they need my help.

What is your favorite hobby?

I have two favorite hobbies. One is reading and one is Wonderinglanding.

Wonderlanding, I don’t know what that means. What’s Wonderlanding?

Closeup of the back of an Alice in Wonderland chair by John Bieniek

Closeup of the back of “The Qween of Hearts Throne” by John Bieniek, an artist who lives in Ambler, PA. This is one of the items that will be on exhibit on December 6th and 13th at Ambler Manor, 48 N. Main Street, Ambler, PA 19002. Mr. Bieniek may be reached at 267 879-4318 267 879-4318 HAND PAINTED WOODEN MEMORY ,SPECIAL EVENT, AND JEWELRY BOXES. ALSO PAINTINGS, PRINTS, DRAWINGS AND CARDS SEE AND SIT ON THE QWEEN OF HEARTS THRONE.

Did you ever read Alice in Wonderland? Wonderlanding is taking exciting adventures to strange places, even if they’re scary.  Sometimes reading and writing and Wonderlanding are the same thing.

The same thing? I don’t understand. Could you explain?

Sure. When I Wonderland for real–like when I visited Suzy, I actually go some place, but when I read, I go to strange and wonderful places without having to leave my home. Have you ever read The Neverending Story, or Zoey’s Letter to a Soul, or My Dad is a Superhero, or Where the Wild Things Are?  When I read these stories, it’s like I’m actually there.  And when I write, it’s even more like I’m there.  That’s how I opened the door to visit Suzy in The Monster on Top of the Bed. That’s why I knew it was safe for me to visit Suzy, at least I thought it was safe for me to go visit her, but you never know. Sometimes, things change after they leave my imagination. It still took courage to go visit Suzy.

You opened the door?

Yep, I wrote this story about this guy writing a story and it was so good, so very good, that it came true. This guy, Alan H. Jordan, actually wrote the story in the Big World, but since I wrote the story that showed him what to write, I knew it was safe for me to go to there. Then, I opened the door for Manuela Pentangelo too, she’s the artist that drew me in the Big World. Just like I opened the door for John Bieniek so he could enjoy Wonderlaning.

The Big World, What’s That?

It’s a world where the creatures are so big that they have beds that are a wintillion times bigger than my bed, but a wintillion times smaller that in the Giant World, and a MegaWintrillion times smaller  than the creatures who are made out of gas and float through the universe, like in Zoey meets Emmirates - the book that I wrote after I opened the door for Alan H. Jordan to write Zoey’s Letter to a Soul,  the book that has poem that I wrote combined with pictures taken by the Hubble Space  Telescope. Alan put them together for me in The Big World.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

It would be that people don’t themselves get scared about things that don’t matter much. I think it’s good to be scared if a car is coming down the street and is going to hit you, or you’re going out to swim, but the ocean wants to pull you into the deep part, but people let themselves get scared all of the time about things that could be fixed if they would just talk things through.

Would you share a secret about yourself?

Well, it’s not exactly a secret on my World, but I’ll tell you something that not even Suzy knows:  I’m like a caterpillar and a butterfly.  As I get older, I will completely change my appearance, maybe five, maybe six times.  Suzy may wake up one day and expect to see me, but I’ll look so different the only way to tell will be to look inside my heart.  That’s easy for flow-ers like me, but hard for people.

Why did you decide to visit Suzy?

She was afraid of monsters under her bed, and she woke me up sometimes when she jumped up and down on her bed. It makes loud squeaky sounds you know.

 Your nose changes colors in the story?  Why?

Sometimes when I’m scared, my nose changes color.  It’s a good thing. When flow-ers see that I’m scared, they stop and think about what they are doing.

What gave you the courage to visit Suzy?

I looked inside her heart, and I saw that she was good and didn’t want to scare me, and I saw that she was lonely, so I thought it would be good if we could be best friends.


 Questions from Marie of XmasDolly.

Do you think you’re a monster, or not?

 I’m definitely *not* a monster.

Where do you come from?

I come from the same place that people come from, but flow-ers are much smaller than people, and you can’t see us unless we flow-up and make ourselves big. It’s hard to do that, but sometimes it’s worth it.

Do you have a family?

Yes. I do, and I’m hoping that one day Suzy will come and visit my family.

Why does Suzy scare you when she jumps on the bed… because she might fall off?

When I’m sleeping and these gushy noises wake me up, it’s scary. I don’t really worry about Suzy falling off the bed; I guess it could happen,

Have you visited other places besides Suzy’s home?

Oh yes! I love Wonderlanding! My most favorite place is The Small Magellanic Cloud, in the constellation Tucana, is roughly 200,000 light-years from the Earth.

You can see it in Zoey’s Letter to a Soul and by looking at the pictures that the Hubble Space Telescope took.

Read Part 2 …. Ask what you’d like to ask Karrit, in the comments.

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It’s always wonderful when people help me to spread the word about how the books in The Monster on Top of the Bed family are helping children.

Here are a few of the articles that have recently been posted:

Here’s an author interview that I did as part of a Blog Tour

Here’s a page that describes how the books can help raise funds for schools and non-profits.

And finally, a guest post that I did about the heart-to-heart communication with children that the books convey:



I enthusiastically endorse  It’s a great service for authors with books on because it creates links that automatically redirect to the appropriate website.

Here’s how I’ve implemented it on is a great service for helping the readers of the Monster on Top of the Bed and My Monster on Top of the Bed books to be purchased from the home country of a visitor.


So, why would I do this?  Well, I want them to make money, but I also want my readers in the USA not to have to face an advertisement, benign as it may be, when they place an order, and I also give up the small 4% commission that I get when someone clicks on my widget directly.  Now, that may not sound like a lot, but I have eight years and over $20,000 invested in this series of books if you go back to the CD/booklet version and count all of the direct costs associated with the production and marketing of the various books. So, I’m being frugal.

Also, there’s one other reason.  I expect to succeed, but suppose they don’t, or suppose that are hacked. What happens then if all of my links are dependent upon them.  Bad news, and I can visualize it happening on a day when hundreds or thousands of orders are being placed. (Murphy’s Law.)

I urge you to implement this service.  I truly want them to succeed. Implement it with discretion.


Help Children Prosper

by Alan

Why Children Deserve to read
The Monster on Top of the Bed

The Monster on Top of the Bed and My Monster on Top of the Bed (the book where children write the story on top of existing artwork) will benefit your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, students, neighbors and young friends.

The books were written for children between the ages of three to seven, but it turns out that many older children are secretly afraid of monsters. Also, teenagers enjoy reading the story to their younger siblings.

  • Children discover three important messages:
    1. It’s possible to banish the fear of bedtime monsters on demand;
    2. Each person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity
    3. The best way to make friends is to use the principles of The Golden Rule
  • The books encourage children to learn these things in a variety of ways that include
    1. Characters that model behavior–children do not feel taught–they discover these truths
    2. A variety of different formats are used, which allows children who learn in different ways to “get” the books’ message: audio, visual, participatory, electronic, large paperback, small paperback, CD/booklet.
    3. There is superb artwork; and most importantly
  • Kids love it.

How you can help

You can be a part of making these books best sellers by buying a copy and then writing a review on This places a “Verified Purchaser” tag on

Call to Action #1: Purchase copies for the children in your life.

Your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, students, neighbors and young friends will thank you.

To “look inside” the book or get your copies, click on one of these widgets:

Kindle edition
Features pop-up text and
Paperback edition
Filled with gorgeous
illustrations. 36 Pages.
Children write their own story
and put their names on
the cover and title page. 34 pages
My Monster & The Monster combined in one book. 72 pages.


  1. Give a book as a gift to someone you love.

Call to Action #2: Please review the books

Please post a review on this page at Amazon. If you have purchased them and are reviewing them, you have my most heartfelt thanks. . Please use this contact page on my author website to contact me if you have any questions, thoughts or comments.

Why I’m Requesting You Buy and Review a Book

The main reasons that people buy books are:

  1. Someone recommends the book as being good; and
  2. There are good reviews on the site where they are buying the books.

Therefore, I want to motivate people to buy the books, and write a reviews. If you’re not a big publisher with an extensive infrastructure and a big marketing budget, one proven way to get reviews is by offering free copies for review on sites like Giveaways for The Monster on Top of the Bed are popular. It’s not unusual for me to have five or six hundred people request a copy. Some of the people who win review the book, but others save the books to give as gifts to children and grandchildren, and will not get around to writing a review for months.

I’m seeking honest reviews by people who have bought my books.

Shoppers believe reviews more when they have a “Verified Purchaser” tag next to the name of the person who reviewed them. You don’t need to rate the book five stars. (Click the graphic to see the review full size, and look at the second line to see the “Verified Purchaser” tag.)

Note: You may purchase the Kindle version of The Monster on Top of the Bed for $.99 if you buy the paperback book first and take advantage of Amazon’s Matchbook deal; and the paperback version of My Monster on Top of the Bed…

These books are really worthwhile.

Call to Action #3: Please forward this page to a friend

Just copy and paste the web page address at the top into an email.

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If you like the book, and you know of a book club, or one of the types of business or organizations below, I request that you tell them about my books, and ask them to contact me about bulk purchases at deep discounts. Please use this contact page on my author website. (I’ll give book clubs and companies the same discount as bookstores. They need to use my contact page to ask for a special code. After they order from this page, and they go to check out, they enter the code to get their discount, which is at least 40% off.

These are the types of organizations and businesses, to which I’d like an introduction, and why:

  1. Day care centers, public and charter schools, gymnastic schools, and gyms with day care centers built in – They have many students who would like the books, and I can visualize the teachers using the books in their curriculum.
  • Insurance agents and real estate agents – They have many clients who would benefit from receiving copies of my books–in either digital or printed editions, and every time they give a client or prospect a copy of one of my books they increase the chances that they’ll get a referral, and hence more business.
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  • Hospitals – The books are great for hospital gift shops and for presents to some patients.
  • Bookstores and Libraries – To sponsor an event in their store where children actually create their own story in My Monster on Top of the Bed.
  • Any other type of business that you think would benefit.

Thank you very much for your support, for helping me to help children prosper.

Sign Up for free stuff like posters and audiobooks and also vote on Suzy and Karrit’s next adventure.

* indicates required

I am a

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My Monster on Top of the Bed, a companion book to The Monster on Top of the Bed, empowers children by making them the author. Literally. Here’s how:

  • Children write their name on the cover of the book
  • Children write their name on an inside page that says, “This book was written by…”
  • Children write the story that they want to tell on each page, on top of the artwork (and words that feature sounds–like “blip, blop, blimp, bloop.”

If children don’t know what story to tell, they can read The Monster on Top of the Bed first, to get many ideas.

I keep saying “children,” instead of, “a child.” Here’s why. The book can be authored by:

  • One child;
  • Several siblings;
  • A child and his or her friends;
  • A child that’s being tutored;
  • A class of students; and/or
  • A group of children in a workshop.

In fact, I visualize this book stimulating creativity in many different places such as:

  • Classrooms;
  • Libraries;
  • Bookstores;
  • Book club meetings; and
  • Religious education classes.  (The book reinforces the concept of The Golden Rule.)

Let’s talk about why I created My Monster on Top of the Bed.  Let me start by explaining that I have a background in programming as well as writing. When I develop a computer program, most users have only a vague idea of what they want. I create a program that I know they will not like right away (a prototype) and then we keep refining it until it is exactly what they want. The point is that adults are most likely to be able to express what they want when they have something to react to, something that gets their imagination going. Children are the same as adults. If you give them something as a model and then tell them to change the story to the way it should be, they love it.

What’s the first thing a child learns about a book? Sadly, it’s often, “Don’t write in it.” Well, this book is different, each child is given express permission, and is encouraged to write in it–to use their imagination and create a story.

When they are done writing their story, they can read it to others. When they are done writing their story, they can write another one. To do this, they be decide to read more, so that they can get ideas!

I know that some children will work well together collaborating on a story, and that’s a great life skill. I know that some children will want to do it themselves.

I know that some parents may not have a lot of money, and find it difficult to buy two printed books, so there’s a Kindle version that’s very affordable, and there’s also a video on YouTube that plays the story, so a child can see and hear it without the need for their parents or teachers to buy The Monster on Top of the Bed.

There’s also a number of videos, like this one by Sandy Musser, that discuss The Monster on Top of the Bed.

I’m excited about this concept, and I’m willing to visit classrooms and bookstore using webinars and share my enthusiasm with students and teachers. Here’s a widget that let’s you look inside The Monster on Top of the Bed.

Schools, book clubs, bookstores who want to purchase quantities are eligible for quantity discounts. Use this form to find out more information.

Comments and Questions

I would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and I will get in touch with you shortly.
  • These attachments will *not* be opened if they fail our virus scan.


Many public and private sector employees are starting to think about what to give as presents for the holidays. Here’s an opportunity for you to help your employees buy a beautiful children’s book for 50% off the list price.

Step One: Check out The Monster on Top of the Bed on Amazon has a “Look Inside” feature. (You may prefer to buy a copy of so you can examine it at your leisure.)

There’s also a companion book, My Monster on Top of the Bed, which allows children to be an author. It’s the same story, but without the words.

Step Two:

Fill out this form, and I’ll send you all the information you need to allow your employees to buy these books for 50% off the list price.

Your employees will thank you!


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How To Publish and Sell 100 Copies of your Kindle Book with No Money Down: Detailed Step By Step PlanHow To Publish and Sell 100 Copies of your Kindle Book with No Money Down: Detailed Step By Step Plan by Diana Heuser

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review is from: How To Publish and Sell 100 Copies of your Kindle Book with No Money Down: Detailed Step By Step Plan (Kindle Edition)

I believe that if you have a good book, and you follow the advice in this book, you’ll sell many more than 100 copies of your book.

I’ve been reading many different books on marketing lately, trying to develop a strategy that I will actually be comfortable implementing. This book points out the reality of publishing–just putting a book out there is no guarantee of it’s success. However, putting a bad book out there is almost a guarantee of failure. Diana’s book provides lots of detailed info on the HOW of how to prepare your kindle book and how to publish it.

There’s a section that helps you to understand how to format your Kindle books that will save you a lot of time, and it is especially valuable if you need to understand the concept of “styles”, which will save you a ton of grief when you’re putting together your book.

Likewise, there’s great advice on formatting pictures and tables — in fact, she advises converting tables into pictures so they stay stable, and even provides a link to a free screen capture utility.

There’s a discussion of how to build a cover, using Kindle’s tools that is helpful.

Once you’ve got your book, Diana shares some really good strategies for marketing. They’re well worth reading. Some points are
* Book trailers
* Setting up a store that includes your books and other similar books, earning your money and increasing the value perception of your books by associating them with other high quality books.

I learned a few things about Facebook Groups and I learned something new about MailChimp–they have a template that links directly to an Author Central Account. I have yet to try that out, but I love to learn valuable things about tools that I use.

The book is filled with illustrated step-by-step instructions. Well worth the investment.

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I’m relatively new to using Goodreads, and I’ve discovered that one of the things that confused me also confuses other members.

When I go to enter a review, I struggle with the procedure.  It turns out to be simple, but it’s confusing because the link for creating a review is titled “Edit Review.” If it were titled “Create or Edit a Review,” I would find the process to be much easier.


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The Chase: A Novel (Fox and O'Hare, #2)The Chase: A Novel by Janet Evanovich

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you like action-packed stories that feature interesting characters and plot twists and pure escapist thriller reading, you’ll like this book.

I enjoyed listening to Scott Brick’s presentation, which has excellent pacing and elocution.

This is the second (or maybe third story if you count the teaser short story) in the Fox and O’Hare series. Kate O’Hare, an FBI agent who might be considered a lethal weapon and Nick Fox, a super-handsome thief are forced to pair up to steal a work of art and make sure that it is returned to the Chinese government. They also have to take down Carter Grove. Grove a former White House Chief of Staff, now heads up Black Rhino, a black ops version of Pinkerton Detective Agency.

It’s fun escapist reading, with a cast of characters that were originally developed in The Heist. I enjoyed it. I found myself hoping that the series allows the characters to grow.